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Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Elli-SE (Ellipsometer)

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Thin Film Thickness Measurement System


Spectroscopic Ellipsometer(SE), the industry standard technology that enables one to accurately measure thickness and optical constants of thin film, simultaneously, is used for characterization of a variety of materials (e.g., dielectrics, semiconductors, organics, etc.) including AR coatings, OLED, and low(high)-materials.


   1.Easy Operation & Fast Measurement
   2.High Reproducibility
   3.User-Friendly Operation
   4.Non-contact & Non-destructive
   5.Multi-Layer Measurement
   6.In-Situ (Sutter, ALD,PECVD etc.)


 Measuring constants Film thickness, n, k vs λ
 Thickness range sub Å ~ 10 μm (depends on film type)
 Wavelength range 240 ~ 1050 nm (uv) or 380 ~ 1050 nm
 Option of Spectral Range
  - (Duv:193nm, IR: 900nm ~ 1700nm, 900nm~ 2,200nm)
 Throughput Normal mode(~10 sec)
 fast mode (1~3 sec) per
 point(depends on film type)
 Beam Spot-size 1.5 mm  (Optional 100μm, 50 μm, 20 μm)
 Angle of incidence 45°~90° (Step 5°, manual type)
 Number of layers Up to ten(10) layers (depends on film type)
 Repeatability (3σ) ±0.3 Å on 10 times measurement
 Dispersion relations Cauchy,
 Drude-QM and more
 Providing features Refractive Index, Extinction coefficient and optical band gap
 Film density and composition, Material's dispersion function library
 User defined models capability, Data import & export functions, -
 Extendable library



   1.Auto Mapping Stage (150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, Customized Size)
   2.Option of Spectral Range (UV: 193 nm ~ 1,050 nm), (IR: 900nm ~ 1,700nm, 900nm~ 2,200nm)
   3.Micro Spot Option (100 μm, 50 μm, 25 μm)
   4.Auto Alignment System, Automated Variable Angle of Incidence (45°~ 90°)


   ·Thickness of Dielectrics, Semiconductors, Polymers,
   ·Supporting Backside/Front side Reflections
   ·Very Thin Films, Very Thick Films
   ·Variable Substrates (Silicon, GaAs, , Al, Steel, Glass, Al2O3, PC, PET, Polymer films and Others) 
      - Semiconductor : Si, Ge, ONO, ZnO, PR, poly-Si, GaN, GaAs, Si3N4
      - Display(incl. OLED) : ITO, PR, MgO, Alq3 , CuPc, PVK, PAF, PEDT-PSS, NPB, SiO2 , ONO
      - Dielectrics : SiO2 , TiO2 , Ta2O5 , ITO, AIN, ZrO2 , Si3N4 , Ga2O3 , Wet oxides
      - Polymer : Dye, NPB, MNA, PVA, PET, TAC, PR
      - Chemistry : Organic film(OLED) & LB Thin film
      - Solar cell : SiN, a-Si, poly-Si, SiO2 , Al2O3