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Elli-Ret (Retardation)

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Retardation Measurement System


Retardation Measurement System(Elli-Ret) is the retardation analysis system for High, Low, and Zero retardation films. This system informs the optic axes, Rin & Rth of retardation film and transmission or extinction axes of polarizing film. Ellipso Technology has a powerful software and hardware for accurate and fast measurement.


   1.Measurement constants : Retardation(Rin, Rth), (nx,ny,nz), β-angle, optic axes
   2.Measurement speed : < 25 sec per point
   3.Reproducibility :< 0.005 nm(Rin)
   4.Spot size : 4 mm


   1.Light source :Halogen lamp,
     Collimating system
     SMA type optical fiber couple
   2.Wavelength : 550 nm 
   3.Polarizer module : Single crystal polarizer on a high precision rotation mount
   4.Retarder module : High precision rotation mount
     Motorized linear stage and control system
     Achromatic polymer quarter-wave plate 
   5.Analyzer module : Single crystal polarizer on a high precision rotation mount
     Hole type optical encoder
   6.Sample mount : Motorized rotation stage
     Vertical and horizontal, independent rotation
     2 axis motorized stage controller
     Sample mount holder


   1.Polarizer/LCD retardation film
   2.Optic axes(Transmission, Slow, Fast)
   3.Birefringence (Uniaxial, Biaxial), Retardation
   4.Rubbing(or Photo aligning) direction & Degree of rubbing(or photo alignment)


   1.Spectroscopic system : Spectral range 400 nm ~ 800 nm
   2.Near zero Retardation system : Ultra small anisotropy of photo-aligned PI (Δnd~0.005 nm)