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Elli-Muv (Microscope)

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Elli-Muv‘s key priority is the needs of each individual customer.

Naturally, we aim to ensure that our inspection microscopes deliver maximum benefit from the time of selection right through to after-sales support. And with our long experience of the industry, we already provide many clear-cut solutions to making display device inspections easier, quicker and more efficient.

At the same time, we know that each customer is unique, and has to address a unique set of issues successfully.

     1.Speedy detection of any flaw ensures faster, more productive throughput.
     2.Wide range of FOV and high image sensitivity support user friendly, and reliable analysis.
     3.The Elli-Muv is the specialized inspection system for ITO  pattern on TSP with high accuracy.
     4.More efficient inspections throughout industry.

TSP_ITO Pattern Images


TSP_ITO Pattern Images (OCTA)

ITO Patterns in Assembled OCTA are Vividly Visualized



 Enhanced Image Contrast
   - Adaptive Optics for ITO Patterns of TSP
   -Optimized Optical Parts and Configuration for ITO Coated on Glass/PET
   - Digital Enhancement of Image Contrast Enabled

 Easy to Operate and User Friendly Inspection
   - 5X Times Increased CC due to Enhanced Image Contrast
   - Wide Range of Macro/Micro FOV Selectable
   - Well Balanced FOV and Spatial Resolution
   - Post Digital Processing of Image Enabled


Field of View
      - 12.7 mm ~ 1.27 mm (Diagonal)

      - 12.7 um ~ 1.27 um (Optics, Object), 0.51 mm ~ 0.05 mm (Video)

Contrast Coefficient (%)
      - 3.2 ~ 12.9 (ITO on PET ~ ITO on Glass, 5X over Conventional Microscope)
      - Digital Enhancement : ~10X Times


TSP(ITO Pattern), Semiconductor, FPD, Biology, Chemistry, etc.